The new homes

The first image shows how the building on the eastern side of the site, adjacent to Lakedale Road, will appear. The open space provides an opportunity for the community to meet and enjoy new activities together within their shared environment. The use of different material creates a strong rhythm that distinguished each of the volumes reducing repetition while maintaining a sense of unity. On the eastern boundary, the neighbouring buildings are principally commercial yards with residential upper floors stepped further away from the boundary.

Below you can see a view from within the site, showing homes along the southern edge of the site, featuring ground floor flats with duplexes above. The design ensures the privacy of and to the neighbouring houses is protected, whilst the breaks between the houses, where they might rise above the dominant existing boundary wall give greater relief.

Below you can see the buildings to the south of the site, featuring ground floor flats with duplexes above.

Adjacent to Gallosson Road, the new homes have been designed to create a house form and volume that mimics closely the existing situation here. Here is how they will appear from the shared space within the site. Whilst in places they rise up to three storeys, the volumes drop to only two storeys on the boundary side minimising impacts. They are positioned further from the boundary to the gardens on Gallosson Road than those existing sheds such that neighbouring daylight and outlook would be comparable to the existing situation. 


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