Introducing the proposals

We have been working with the Royal Borough of Greenwich’s planning team throughout 2020 to bring forward an exciting new development that will provide both new employment-generating space to replace the industrial uses presently on site and superb new homes. The new homes have been carefully designed and will be built away from the boundaries of homes on the neighbouring roads in order to minimise impact onto neighbouring houses and their gardens. The new houses are designed to manage the privacy to those nearby houses through their form, outlook and the orientation of their windows. 24 homes are proposed as a combination of flats and houses, comprised of four 1-bed homes, 11 2-bed homes and nine 3-bed homes.

The two images in the slider below show how the homes will be arranged, comparing the proposed with the existing. The scheme is spacious, open and the careful disposition of different heights and forms will provide relief in regards to the neighbouring houses. (Move the yellow button to move the slider).

The next images, in the slider below, show detailed view looking north along the rear of the Gallosson Road properties, comparing the proposed with the existing. Note how there are no proposed windows overlooking the existing homes and the new homes are set back much further from the property boundary than the existing industrial buildings, allowing greater light and outlook to the neighbouring properties and their rear gardens.

Below you can see a roof plan of the proposal.

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